Delivering Personalized Oncology

Systems Biology enabled individualized risk assessment and therapy matching.

Systems approach to personalized medicine

A systems approach will enable “patient-centric” paradigm for personalized, precision oncology.

Sygnomics uses SYstems Genetic Network AnaLysis (SYGNAL) technology to accurately predict risk of disease progression and rank prioritize therapies that target specific cancer-driving gene networks in an individual patient.

Current State of Precision Oncology (2021)


Proportion of cancer mutations that are actionable


Failure rate of FDA-approved cancer therapies


Failure rate of oncology clinical trials


Risk Prediction

Dynamic individualized assessment of disease progression risk

Therapy Matching

Prioritize therapies for a patient based on an individualized activity assessment of disease-associated genetic programs.

Science and Clinical Partners


This is an incredibly useful tool! I don’t know of any tool like this that oncologists can use to effortlessly explore evidence from disparate sources, all put into the context of risk probability and therapies matched to the molecular characteristics of a single patient. I foresee enormous value for this tool as a subscription service for at least three types of customers: clinical researchers, oncologists and even patients.

David Coffey, M.D., University of Miami


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